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Our mission has never changed. We exist to create active solutions focused on helping people achieve their best selves. Over the years, we’ve worked to redefine athletic flooring as a foundational component of any advanced training space, and we push the boundaries every day to serve and equip clients who refuse to settle for second best. We harness technology and design. We run our own race, and we’re obsessed with raising the bar, because when it comes to the athletes who fuel our passion, good enough is never enough. Not even close.


Power Lift

Power Lift got its start back in 1999 by owner and CEO Jeff Conner. Jeff had a vision to manufacture Olympic lifting platforms and strength training equipment for athletic and sports performance facilities. Since 1999, Power Lift has maintained a steady growth that has always focused on manufacturing the highest quality of strength training and weight equipment you can buy. Power Lift has always concentrated on accommodating the large school market. Our clientele includes a wide variety of high schools, colleges, universities, professional sports teams and athletic performance facilities.



Momentous was founded in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 2016. We engineer perfect performance products. Our pursuit of perfection drove us to seek out the absolute best knowledge on nutritional supplements in order to be able to deliver products without fillers, inferior ingredients, or just plain bad stuff. Our products are all NSF certified, taste amazing and perform. We are preferred in many NFL, NBA, NHL, and NCAA locker rooms. As for our employees, we are always on the go - literally. Aside from several marathoners and tri-athletes, we also have an Olympic rowing champion, a skate legend, an NFL coach and experienced founders.


Zro+ has created the highest bioavailability for a cannabinoid based product to increase the amount of ingredients absorbed into the body to dramatically improve the efficacy and results. We are backed by science and we validate results with our patent pending technology and data to provide a modern resurgence of natural care for better synergy of the brain and the body for all ages.


Catapult Sports

Catapult exists to build and improve the performance of athletes and teams at all levels of sport. Originally formed from a partnership between the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and the Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) to maximise the performance of Australian athletes ahead of the Sydney Olympics, Catapult was officially founded in Melbourne in 2006. he wearable technologies developed by Catapult in its early years were designed to address fundamental questions in sports performance. That purpose has remained at the heart of our work as we’ve grown from an Australian startup to a global leader in sports technology with solutions for every element of the performance ecosystem; from wearable tracking to athlete management and video analysis. oday, the business is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:CAT) and has over 340+ staff across 30 locations, working with more than 2500 teams in 39 sports.



Our story, six decades in the making, is filled with bold ideas and ambitious goals. Rooted in a passion for strength, we took a bold leap from making waffle irons to creating the world’s finest barbells and helped shape the world of weightlifting along the way. With a focus on innovation and a commitment to quality and performance, we work tirelessly to make people stronger.



TeamBuildr develops online strength and conditioning software for high school, college and professional strength coaches. Teambui customers range from middle school programs to the NFL, from Europe to Australia. Whether programming workouts from scratch or looking for a resource for workout programming, TeamBuildr was built to fit any level strength coach in any setting.